1. 1.Prof. Dr. Vijay Shankar Vyas

      Padm Vibhushan, Eminent Professor Emeritus, Member Economic Advisory Council to The Prime Minister Of India (Central State Minister to the Government of India), Formerly associated with World Bank, UN, Planning Commission India, Director Central Board, Reserve Bank of India.)

  3. 2.Mr. D.R. Mehta
    1. (Former Dy. Governor Reserve Bank Of India and Ex-Chairman, The Securities Exchange Board of India) 

  4. 3.Dr. Jyoti Shukla,
  5.   (Economist, Analyst, Policy Researcher currently working as Director Management Program, Kautilya Institute of Technology and Engineering, Jaipur (India).)

    Dear Ashish,
    I find your project on e-currency academically exciting. The concept of money-less economy has been translated into an operating system in an ingenious which is conceptually appealing. However, the project requires further research as I perceive certain problem at the implementation stage. I hope an in depth research will solve these problems. 
    I sincerely wish a great success to the project. Please let me know if require any intellectual or academic support. 
    Warm regards, 
    (Dr. Jyoti Shukla)

  6. 4.Dr. Adarsh Kishore saxena
  7. (Member, IMF Executive Board, former Finance Secretary India)

    Dear Shri Ashish:
    Thank you for your mail dated December 3, 2008. 
    I found your ideas on E-currency system to be quite interesting. A proper implementation of the system, I am sure, will go a long way in eradicating problems like money laundering or terrorist financing. However, with the current level and status of monetization in countries, I visualize certain implementational problems. I am sure, you will be working further towards the completion of the project. I wish you all success in your future research.
    (Adarsh Kishore) 

  8. 5.Dr. Rodney Shakespeare,
  9. (Famous Economist from U.K., author of the Binary Economics concept)
    Dated 5.3.2008 on Discussion Forum at Global Justice Movement at 

    Dear Ashish,
    Have I got this right -- you propose a handheld electronic machine which will take money out of my account (when I pay) and transfer it into yours (when you are to be paid).
    Certainly in the UK today most transactions (particularly in terms of total value) are already electronic in one form or another (debit cards; credit cards etc) and so your idea is not too far away from present reality. 
    So it might well be a practical idea for exchange of money between people at some point in the near future
    Rodney Shakespeare.

  10. 6.Dr. Robert Searle
  11. (An English Economist, author of the concept called Trans-financial Economics) 1. Comment at
    Robert Searle August 9, 2006 | 3:16 PM

    Dear Ashish Sharma,
    Your ideas are certainly interesting, and worth consideration. I like the notion of a special \"pad\" as a means for the electronic exchange of money. However, I would recommend that you read my work in progress on Transfinancial Economics. It could blow your mind!! It believes like you that computer technology has a vital role to play. It also claims that taxation, and interest on money is no longer necessary in the 21st century.. I think I did send you an article on the above subject. You can reply here, and/or privately. Anyway, I am sure you must know of other people working in the field of electronic money. Furthermore, I may purchase your book sometime.
    Robert Searle

    Dear Ashish Sharma,
    Dated 5.3.2008 on Discussion Forum at Global Justice Movement at 
    I have come across your work before, and even left a message on Transfinancial Economics on your website as a comment. I am sure your idea has merits but I felt at the time it seemed to fall short of mine in certain respects. 
    Robert Searle

    Dated 10.3.2008 on Discussion Forum at Global Justice Movement 

    Dear Rodney, and Company, 
    I have also done a check on the internet and there is not much in the way of entries concerning his subject which is a shame especially if he does have something truly wonderful to offer. He has suggested a demonstration would clarify things but somehow I doubt it........... 
    Robert Searle

  12. 7.Dr. Mohammad Yunus
  13. (The Noble laureate from Bangla Desh, Gramin Solutions) 

    Dr. Mohammad Yunus and his Gramin Solutions CEO Dr. Kazi showed active interest in the concept.

  14. 8.Dr. Burton Danet, Ph.D.
  15. (An American clinical psychologist, ABC for all)
    from ABC4All hide details 12:06 pm
    date Oct 28, 2007 12:06 PM

    subject Electronic currency is here mailed-by 
    After seeing your profile on TIG and reading your website, the answer to your question is yes. Currency in any country can be electronically delivered in 4 seconds anywhere in the world via Satellite, Cell and Internet technology. .. 
    Hope we can work together, 
    Burton Danet 

  16. 9.Mrs. Sushmita Barua
  17. (An Indian Economist settled in U.S.A)
    1. April 4, 2005

    Hello Ashish Just came to your page from and wish you all success in your venture. I have put together my thoughts on ending poverty by transforming money in my site. I am a geographer/urabn-regional planner by education but moved into many different things. All the best in your endeavors. 
    Susmita Barua,

    Has The Time For Electronic Currency Come ? 
    Thankyou Ashish for your very thoughtful and kind response. I believe You too are born to help the planetary transition in some way. There are enough of us (called lightworkers, planetary transition team) now; but there are great adversaries too who like to rule and enslave human consciousness. 
    Networking with right kind of people for your concept and mine...spreading awareness is key. I like to see you use \'usury-free\' or \'community\' or \'debt-free\' electronic currency or some term that distinguishes yours\' from the current form of Bank electronic currency via debit/credit cards/drafts and such.
    Educating and giving talks to local community groups, ngos, student groups, women groups, co-ops, and submitting article to diffrent third world and global justice forums will be helpful. That part (highlighted bold) i missed somehow...needs to be made clearer somehow. And ask people to help you spread the message.
    I will add a link to your article under mine in a week or two.
    Happy Diwali. Peace & joy! 
    Susmita Barua November 27, 2005 | 8:32 AM

    Dear Ashish Sorry for the delay;
    I have briefly scanned yout paper in the IJCCR site. I am not sure though whether you propose electronic currency as an alternative to (paper) community currency or national currency? Anyway the handheld technological device in the hand of actual cosumers may automate and simplify the banking process a whole lot. And your careful working out all the steps involved looks brilliant and well thought out.
    Best wishes.
    Susmita Barua Lexington,
    KY November 5, 2005 | 10:04 AM

  18. 10.Dr. Ashok Saxena,
  19. (An Economist and Bureaucrat) May 16, 2008 


  20. 11.Dr. Richard Cook
  21. (An Economist and a retired federal analyst, the Carter White House, NASA and Twenty-one years with the U.S. Treasury Department.)

    I have looked at your paper. It essentially takes our current debt-based monetary system for granted and would make it more efficient. We need to change the basis to the distribution of credit as a public utility in line with concepts of economic democracy. 
    All the best,
    Richard Cook

  22. 12.Dr. Graeme Taylor,
  23. (An Australian Economist) 

    Hi Ashish
    So I get a very mixed reaction to the digitization of all money as you propose. Money is power. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely., or so the saying goes. Certain types of governments would love the idea of total control (most probably most of them), so implementation wouldn\'t be a problem. I\'m not sure that this will lead us to a sustainable future though. cheers 
    Graeme Taylor Australia

  24. 13.Dr. Stan Szopa,
  25. (An International Economist) Good writing about electronic transaction 
    Best regards,

  26. 14.54
  27. 5454

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